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The Women Economic Empowerment Program (W.E.E.P)

WEEP is an initiative that aims to save HIV-positive women from a life of rejection and poverty by empowering them to live sustainable lives.

It consists of 3 phases, each lasting 6 months. Each phase prepares the women for the next phase. It is very much a personal journey for each and every one of them. At the end of that journey, though, the women are SET! (Stabilize, Empower, Thrive)

Phase 1: Stabilize With HIV Intervention

The first phase aims to help the women heal mentally and physically. It helps them get themselves in order. They have six months to improve their health, learn to live a healthy life with HIV, heal emotionally from the stigmatization they have received from friends, family, and themselves, and learn to become responsible for their children. LPK helps them achieve these goals by providing them with:

  • Nutrition
  • Shelter
  • Access to anti-retrovirals (ARVs)
  • Home-based treatment for diseases
  • Reproductive health Services
  • Psycho-social support

Phase 2: Empower With Skill Teaching

Once the women have accepted their status and healed from the emotional trauma of rejection at the hands of their loved ones, they are prepared to focus their energy on the next phase. They are enrolled into the WEEP Centre, where they learn skills they can use to start a business or find a job. Skills include:

  • ​Tailoring
  • Mat-making
  • Beadwork
  • Candle-making
  • Baking
  • Mosquito net making

Phase 3: Thrive With A Business Plan

In the final phase, the women develop their business plans so that they can provide for their children’s needs, both financially and emotionally, and send them to school. The process looks like this:

  1. ​The women choose a business based on their skills and interests.
  2. Consultants help them build a business plan.
  3. The women are taught economic and business principles.
  4. The women start their businesses and are supported throughout the process.
  5. Financial support is slowly reduced until the women are completely independent.

WEEP Graduation

At the end of the third phase of WEEP, the women celebrate with a graduation ceremony to celebrate 18 months of hard work and growth. Graduation is a very exciting time for everyone at LPK. It is an opportunity to acknowledge each participant and wish them well moving forward. By this point, each woman’s business is thriving independently, and they are prepared to support themselves and their families with their newfound skills and confidence!

Success stories.

Here are some success stories of women who have participated in the WEEP program and graduated and have gone on to establish their own businesses.



The Women Economic Empowerment Program (W.E.E.P) has changed many lives for the better.

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