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Like so many other women, Naomi contracted her HIV from an unfaithful husband. After learning that her husband's girlfriend had died of AIDS, she went and got tested. After testing positive, Naomi left her husband; but with no family to turn to, she was forced to live on the streets. She soon began drinking as well.

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Beatrice has suffered a great deal of pain in her life. She was raped at the young age of 12 on her way to school. Instead of receiving the love and support of her friends and family, she received an outright rejection. Her friends abandoned her, while her mother treated her coldly.

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Ann Wambui married at the age of 23, and for the next five years, she spent much of her time going back and forth to the hospital, completely unaware of why she was always sick.

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Beth lost her husband to AIDS in 1997, leaving her to raise their 2-year old daughter on her own. She didn't know her husband was HIV Positive, though his family knew. Despite being sick and weak all the time, she didn't know of her own HIV Positive status either.

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Carol used to think that only prostitutes and people living on the street got HIV and AIDS; but marrying an unfaithful husband proved her wrong. After they separated, Carol became very sick. That was in 2013. Thankfully in four short years, she has come a long way. It was a difficult journey, though.

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