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Our Team

Mary “Mum” Wanderi
Founder and Director
Mum, as she is fondly referred to by staff and participants alike, is the brain and engine behind Living Positive Kenya.
Daisy Kawira Gitonga
Projects Manager (Social Work)
Daisy is in Charge of the social work department at Living Positive Kenya.
CPA Janet Jemutai Kibogo
Financial Accountant
Janet is responsible for running the accounting and financial activities the organization.
Margret Njeri
W.E.E.P Skills Trainer
Margret is in charge of planning and delivering training on basic and advance tailoring, fashion and design as well as embroidery skills
Brian Kiboma
W.E.E.P Officer
Brian Kiboma is responsible for the WEEP program
Tabitha Muthoni
Receptionist/ Mentor
Tabby’s smile has been the first thing visitors see when they step foot into the LPK office.

Our Office

LPK is currently running out of an office space right in the middle of the action in Ngong Town. This space houses the offices of Communications, Social Work, Administration and Accounting.

Additionally the WEEP classroom, kitchen facility and support groups are run in the same building. This location enables the staff to remain close to their community and the families they serve.

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