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How can you improve someone’s day or change their life forever?

​Every dollar that we receive from kind and generous donors helps us get one step closer to our vision: Providing every single woman and child affected by HIV/AIDS with the love, support, and encouragement they need and deserve to live a happy, healthy, and stable life. We are grateful for all of your support!

​If you would like to contribute towards a specific project, simply click “DONATE” and write the name of the project in the subject line so we know how to allocate your funds. Alternatively, if you’d like your donation to be used to sponsor a child, simply donate the money and we will do the rest! Your donations will be used as follows:


With your generous donation, we can buy a student new shoes, a set of clothes, and a year’s supply of school stationery.


Thanks to you, we can provide a student with two new tracksuits, textbooks for one term, and nutritious food for two weeks.


This wonderful gift pays for two children to be enrolled in primary school. It also pays for their uniforms, desk fees, admission exam, and stationery, as well as a bed frame and mattress.

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